Medical Marijuana Card New York City

Medical Marijuana Card New York City

Medical Marijuana Card New York City are now issued by our doctors at the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Therefore it is now possible to get a medical marijuana card in Greenwich Village. Furthermore you can make an appointment either by phone or online. In addition our medical marijuana card doctors New York City clinic is open […]

Medical Marijuana Chronic Back Pain

Medical Marijuana Chronic Back Pain

Medical Marijuana Chronic Back Pain is a qualifying condition for marijuana use in California, New York and Florida. It is very important to realize that Medical marijuana or medical cannabis  can treat back pain. But to understand how medical marijuana treats back pain, whether upper back, neck or lower back pain, we must discuss the […]

Medical Marijuana Bipolar Disorder

Medical Marijuana Bipolar Disorder Controversy

Medical marijuana bipolar patients (patients previously diagnosed by another physician with bipolar disorder) are especially common at our Hollywood Easy Clinic. My belief is that biploar is especially common in artists, especially successful artists. It is their manic phases that help them grab our attention in television, at dinner parties, on stage, modelling or any […]

Medical Marijuana Growing License California

Medical Marijuana Pain Management Encouraged Over Opioids

Medical marijuana pain management has been underutilized as a treatment for chronic ailments due to several factors, like a lack in historical research data and a double standard in research compared to other pharmaceutical drugs. Research is slowly catching up to the benefits of the use of the natural herb for pain relief over the use […]

Medical Marijuana Chronic Pain

Medical Marijuana Chronic Pain Seems Safe for Patients

Medical Marijuana Chronic Pain patients had no difference in serious side effects than patients who were not using cannabis for pain control, reports Dr. Ware and Canadian colleagues report in the Journal of Pain. The long term effects of marijuana were studied in a medical marijuana chronic pain population and compared with those who didn’t […]

Cannabis Clinics Hollywood

Cannabis is medicine

Cannabis is medicine. It is often considered a drug even by my medical marijuana patients in Los Angeles California. California cannabis patients and medical marijuana patients throughout multiple states in the US has ingrained the mindset that Cannabis is a “drug.” Medical cannabis patients believe this so much, that it is rare for me to ever hear a […]

Employee Drug Testing

Employee Drug Testing for Medical Marijuana

Employee drug testing reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace, reduces legal liability for companies, and lowers insurance rates. Occupations that are related to transportation and other safety related professions are required by federal law to undergo drug testing. Drug testing employees is not required by law In most occupations. Many larger companies still […]

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana for insomnia, trouble sleeping? 10 things you can do to help you sleep

Is medical marijuana appropriate to use for sleep? Sleeping is supposed to be two thirds (2/3) of your life but many patients neglect the amount of sleep they have or the quality of sleep they have. When a patient neglects the quality, amount and the schedule of sleep they often will often develop a persistent […]

Alcohol Medical Marijuana

Alcohol Medical Marijuana Don’t Mix

Alcohol medical marijuana patients it’s dangerous to undergo treatment while actively abusing alcohol at the same time. Both medical marijuana and alcohol are depressants. They may possibly lower your level of consciousness no matter the use for any serious medical illness. Both you and your physician don’t want to ever risk any chance for medical marijuana […]