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Hollywood Easy Clinic: Your Medical Marijuana Card Doctors in New York

    Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Manhattan New York City

    1. ORDER

    First of all, due to the pandemic, we are doing new patient and renewal consultations online (click here to place an order)!  Beneficially, you can place an order from the comfort of home and we’ll handle the evaluation over the phone. In addition we’ll call you within 1 business day after you submit your order. We’re open Monday through Friday 10am-6pm. Fortunately, we’re always here to help, if you have questions try calling, texting, or email.


    Furthermore if you are approved for medical cannabis, our medical marijuana doctor will immediately issue a Medical Marijuana Certification. Additionally, your medical marijuana doctor will put a suggested medication on your certification.


    Next, you will register online at with New York state’s DOH and receive your medical marijuana card. Just follow the instructions on the email we send you to finish the registration process with the New York state. After that, you can download a temp card and the NY DOH will mail you your plastic medical marijuana card. Consequently when you go to the dispensary bring your signed certification, your medical marijuana card and your identification.

    Do I qualify for a medical marijuana card?

    Firstly, look at the qualifying conditions as outlined by the NY medical marijuana program. The state of NY recently opened up the qualifying conditions to include less severe conditions like insomnia, anxiety, depression, all pain issues, and many more. We are also still accepting patients with qualifying conditions including chronic pain lasting over 3 months (including back pain), neuropathy and cancer. Furthermore our certified marijuana doctors NYC are accepting patients with inflammatory bowel disease, HIV or AIDS and multiple sclerosis. In addition we are also accepting patients with epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s and spinal cord damage. Finally we are accepting post-traumatic stress disorder and Huntington’s disease. If your condition is not listed please ask us if you qualify. However, if your disease limits your ability to function throughout the day, you will most likely qualify.

    Why should I get  a medical marijuana card?

    The benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in New York City include:

    1. Safety: Most importantly, you will get access to quality medication for your disease that is lab tested for impurities. A big reason a lot of individuals were having lung issues from vaping was that they were getting their medication from unreliable vaporization oils.
    2. Legal: Notably, getting marijuana for your condition and having it on you will officially be legal once you have your card.
    3. Employment: For example, if you test positive on a drug test, it’s important for your employer to know that you are using your medication responsibly.
    4. Access: Also noteworthy, many individuals who use a private distributor or “guy” may lose access to their medication if the individual is sick, changes location or jobs, or if their is a pandemic.

    Risks of getting a medical marijuana card in New York City include:

    1. Going to an organization that is unreliable. For example, one online only system that takes your money but you can’t contact them through phone to change your prescription or for updates. You will be stuck with that doctor for possibly a year so it is important to do your research.
    2. Going to an organization that sells your personal information to independent distributors. Some organizations that are not started by medical doctors also distribute marijuana and use your information to sell you your medication. There are also individuals who will sell your information on the dark web.

    How do I choose from all the Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Manhattan New York City?

    Choosing your medical marijuana doctor in Manhattan is important since they will be prescribing you medicine. There are actually very few certified marijuana doctors NYC offices in Manhattan that actually have a working office with a doctor. You will find that many of the websites available are a service for a doctor but not a genuine office. When you choose a genuine office you can get a person on the phone to handle any problems.

    No one is as experienced as the Hollywood Easy Clinic doctors.  Our clinics mission is to provide the same high level cannabis care to New York residents as we have been doing for our Hollywood patients since 2012. Why go to another medical marijuana doctor when you know the Hollywood Easy Clinic has been doing this for years?

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    What services do you provide for New York patients?

    Our medical marijuana card doctors provide medical marijuana cards to treat patients with serious medical conditions. In addition we also do emotional support animal evaluations and prescription renewals.

    YES! To clarify, medical marijuana became legal for patients with serious medical conditions. Therefore, in order to get a medical card you must receive a consultation. To clarify, that means a brief discussion with our doctor whether medical marijuana is appropriate.

    Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Manhattan New York City

    Our Marijuana Doctors moved from Union Square at East 14th Street to Gramercy Park. Feel free to walk over to our office if you are in the East Village. However, if you are Downtown, or Uptown we suggest taking the subway. Our Harlem medical marijuana patients also take cab rides or Uber to visit us. Our medical marijuana doctors are serving the entire state as well!

    Manhattan New York City New York

    Manhattan New York City is composed of multiple neighborhoods making it difficult to find a medical card doctor near you. The southern portion or Lower Manhattan has Greenwich Village and East Village. Furthermore south of East Village Manhattan is Lower East Side Manhattan and Two Bridges. In addition on the southwest portion of Lower Manhattan is the World Trade Center, Wall Street, and Tribeca.

    Furthermore moving north Manhattan New York City has midtown Manhattan. And Midtown includes Murray Hill, Korea Town and Gramercy. The Garment District is on the west side of midtown. In addition Chelsea is on the west side. Finally in midtown there is Hell’s Kitchen that is west of our office in midtown.

    In addition Manhattan New York City New York has Central Park. Furthermore west of Central Park is the Upper West Side Manhattan. Therefore on the east of Central Park is Upper East Side. Furthermore the most northern portion of the Manhattan New York City is Upper Manhattan. In addition Upper Manhattan  includes Harlem. Furthermore north includes Washington Heights.

    Our office is south of the Bronx,  White Plains, Yonkers and Upstate New York. In addition Manhattan New York is south of Staten Island. Furthermore to the east of Manhattan is Queens with Astoria, Middle Village and Forest Hill. Additionally medical marijuana doctors Manhattan New York City is east of Brooklyn. In addition once you cross the Williamsburg Bridge you will be in Williamsburg Brooklyn New York City. Further west is the Flatlands. Finally beyond Queens and Brooklyn is Long Island.

    Hollywood Easy Clinic: Your Medical Marijuana Card Doctors in New York

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