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Medical Marijuana

Cannabis indica

Cannabis as medicine?

Cannabis medicine is made easy with our medical marijuana card doctors. Our medical doctors will help you understand what medical conditions or diagnoses that cannabis can provide relief for. Our Medical Marijuana Card Doctors will oversee the posts in this section to help you understand what is currently known about cannabis medicine and how medical marihuana can assist patients with certain diseases. Getting a medical marijuana card is not something to be taken lightly. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor will also write about growing marijuana, currently the safest way to ensure there are not additives in your medical cannabis. Medical marijuana dispensaries are also opening and closing all across California so growing marijuana for your medical cannabis is also the most reliable and consistent way of having enough of your medicine. The benefits of marijuana have been undervalued by physicians and scientists for over a century.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor will also write about the side effects of marijuana. Marijuana side effects in the media have largely been given significant emphasis the past century. Medicinal marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law. Despite the facts about marijuana, the schedule 1 label means that as of right now the federal government believes that there is no such thing as medical weed.

California marijuana laws changed in 1996 with Prop 215 that made marijuana legal or decriminalized for medical purposes with a licensed physicians recommendation.