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Medical Marijuana Doctors Privacy Policy

Medical Marijuana Doctors
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Medical Marijuana Doctors in our clinic makes your privacy their top priority! Your medical information is safe in our HIPAA compliant secure medical record system. We are especially mindful of never revealing that you are our patient. Except only in cases of needing to assist you with any criminal proceedings. We do not verify any patients over the phone, but have our contractor Medibook medical use a de-identified system to electronically verify a patient. Any subpoenas or requests for your medical records must have your signed consent prior to release of information. We contact you with your listed contact information for each request of any information about you. With the contact information that is provided by you during your consultation with us.

We do use your contact information to inform you about followup consultations including text, email, calls and/or voicemail. We will respect your request not to contact you if you request it. However, in order to provide appropriate medical followup we must be able to have a means of communicating with each patient. If lines of communication are cut off by a patient, the assumption is that the patient no longer desires a patient physician relationship and any treatment a patient has been receiving must be terminated due to lack of medical supervision.

Your contact information will not be provided to any third party without your consent. Please contact us with any questions.

Medical Marijuana Doctors

Our Hollywood Easy Clinic have been helping patients for over seven years now. We have patients that has been returning for so many years. With this in mind you already know how we value each of our patients privacy. Like any other regular doctors clinic we need your contact information. But that contact information is for internal use only. And it will only be used for our clinics need to communicate with you regarding your medical marijuana. Rest assured we are your go to clinic if privacy is your concern.

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