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Medical Marijuana Recommendations

Medical marijuana prescription or script is a term patients might use to describe their document to access to medical marijuana. The doctors of medical marijuana refer to the document differently depending on the state you are located.

Medical Marijuana PrescriptionMedical Marijuana Recommendations are written document by a licensed physician stating that you have a serious medical disease or condition. Sometimes a patient might refer to a medical recommendation as a cannabis prescription. Proposition 215 is the origin of legal marijuana in California that having marijuana in their possession is not a crime. Only if it is used for medical purposes with a recommendation from a physician. The Hollywood Easy Clinic is open seven days a week to help you get your medical marijuana recommendation in Hollywood Los Angeles. As well as our Valley Village location. Therefore our Studio City and Burbank patients get their cannabis recommendations at our Valley Village location.

Mini-Rec: If and /or  when you get your standard recommendation with your visit to the medical marijuana doctors office, you have the option of getting a durable and discrete version of your recommendation. We call it EZ Rec. It is a original wallet-sized medical marijuana recommendation designed for durability and to be folded. With the wallet sized recommendation you don’t have to fold up your paper recommendation. Because of that the recommendation stays in good condition.

Medical Marijuana Prescription

Finally get your prescription today or renew it online. It is very fast and easy. Especially if you get it at our Hollywood Easy Clinic. We have knowledgeable doctors that has been in medical marijuana business for awhile now. Not only that but also competent staff that will help you with anything else medical marijuana wise. They will guide you and answer any other questions that you might have after you saw the doctor.

Our Hollywood Easy Clinic has been in business for over seven years now. With this in mind you will know that you will be getting quality care regarding your medical marijuana. We have helped a lot of patients and continuing to help more. Therefore we don’t recommend medical marijuana to anybody without a plan. Our patients keeps coming back to us because of the kind of service we give them. We have real doctors that can answer all your medical marijuana questions. Don’t forget to visit our clinics. You will be able to find out what we are talking about. Some of our clinics are open seven days a week. Most are open Monday to Friday. Either way give us a call and we will try to help you with anything medical marijuana.