Cannabis Recommendations

Cannabis Recommendations Los Angeles

Cannabis Recommendations

Cannabis recommendations by the best medical cannabis doctors in California at the Hollywood and Studio City Easy Clinic.  Learn how to get a medical cannabis card or to grow marijuana from our cannabis clinic staff.
” Top cannabis clinics not dispensary. If you want professional service to obtain you medical cannabis recommendation, this is the place to get it. I’ve been coming back every to renew here.” Moe G. Whittier, CA 90601

“I recently moved to LA from the Bay Area and realized my evaluation was expired. I got on yelp and found this spot. They are quick and thorough! The doctor was professional and personable. He seemed truly interested in my conditions and gave me recommendations on how to treat them along with the use cannabis.” Review by Matthew L. San Francisco, CA 94109 Yelp Review 2/11/2015

Note that this review is for Dr. Darcy, and not necessarily the clinic facility with which he is associated.

When I first met Dr. Darcy a few years ago, the cashier attempted a bait-and-switch on fees, and I gave a 1-star review in Yelp. He contacted me shortly thereafter, with great attention to customer satisfaction, and ever since he’s consistently gone above-and-beyond the call of duty in maintaining contact and customer satisfaction.

Most medical cannabis “clinics” I’ve encountered come across as sleazy operations, with fly-by-night “doctors” of dubious credentials. The clinic with which Dr Darcy looked a little nicer, but practices were dubious (trying to overcharge, use scare tactics to scam me into buying a card I don’t actually need, etc). He’s apparently had  falling-out with them and relocated.

Dr. Darcy is a bit of an exception. I’ve seen “420 doctors” who looked suspiciously like they had a meth habit, another wasn’t even on-site and issued a permit after asking me three cursory questions via Skype. Dr. Darcy, OTOH, asks a lot of questions about your health, cautions about counter indications, recommends periods of going “cold turkey”, etc. In short, he’s a true medical professional.” Review by Doug M. Los Angeles, CA

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