Qualifying Conditions As Outlined By The NY Medical Marijuana Program 

Qualifying Conditions As Outlined By The NY Medical Marijuana Program is a changing political discussion. First of all, New York has rolled out legislation for doctors to treat patients who are qualified for a medical marijuana card New York City. Furthermore New York’s lawmakers designed the program with strict measures and regulation in place. The patients that are certified by medical marijuana doctors New York City  are required to also register themselves with the New York state department of Health. Consequently they acquire a New York medical marijuana card, which makes medical marijuana legal for them.

The Compassionate Care Act lists out all the Qualifying Conditions As Outlined By The NY Medical Marijuana Program. Therefore the patient must be a citizen of the New York state who can provide a valid proof of residency. Furthermore if the patient couldn’t produce a New York identification he/she can submit a U.S passport or any other proof of residency along with the photo identity. Therefore a patient may use a bank statement or an utility bill to prove residency in such cases.

Patients must obtain their previous medical records that highlights a particular health diagnosis on the list of Qualifying Conditions As Outlined By The NY Medical Marijuana Program. Patients should send health records to the medical marijuana card doctor before the patient’s first visit.

Furthermore it is important that patients maintain a long-term bona fide relation with their doctor. Therefore it can help in deciding if the medical marijuana treatment is the right for them. The patients must also acquire a certificate in the written form, from a licensed medical marijuana card doctor New York who’s certified to recommend medical marijuana in the New York. After obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation, a patient must register themselves with the DOH.

In order to become a completely approved patient into the New York’s medical marijuana program, the patient must submit an application for the New York medical marijuana card to the appropriate state authority. Finally as soon as the patient gets the medical marijuana card they will able to find a genuine source of medical marijuana in the state of New York. Following are the qualifying conditions as outlined by the NY medical marijuana program:

Qualifying Conditions As Outlined By The NY Medical Marijuana Program

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Chronic pain: For example medical marijuana for chronic back pain.



Multiple Sclerosis

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease

Spinal Cord Injury


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    I’m interested in medical marijuana! I have never tried marijuana in my life. I’m trying to live life in a more holistic way. I had a car accident almost two years and ever this that I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back, my knees, and neck. Naproxen and other medication really don’t do anything for my pain! I’m don’t take Narcotic Medications because I don’t like the side effects. I’ve been to pain management and had several procedures done. I would like to know whether I’m a candidate and how will this help my pain.

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