Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Orlando Florida

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Orlando Florida

Many people search for medical marijuana card doctors Orlando Florida doesn’t have. As a result, their search ends in frustration, wasted effort, and lost money in some cases. However, if they were to have come to the Hollywood Easy Clinic that just opened up in Tampa, they would have found the best weed doc around. To clarify, our MMJ doctor has been prescribing cannabis for nearly a decade and knows what recommendations work. After all, aren’t you searching for a trustworthy, knowledgable doctor who knows what treatment will work for you?

How do I get MMJ?

Great question! There are many conditions which marijuana can help, but not all of them qualify. For example, depression anxiety would not qualify. On the other hand, those conditions could be symptoms of something that does qualify. Sometimes people get confused and say what they want help with instead of their underlying cause.


Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Orlando Florida

How do I find you?

To find us, just follow Interstate Highway 4. After that, take I-275 to Dale Mabry Hwy and you’ll have found our newest office located in Tampa.


Your location:

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic

8902 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Ste 103C,
Tampa, Florida 33614
United States (US)
Phone: (813) 644-6445
Secondary phone: (813) 567-1212
Fax: 8883742546

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