Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Tampa Florida

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Tampa Florida

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Tampa Florida

If you are an experienced Tampa patient, you know you will need an office that is experienced in getting you your card. Fortunately, medical marijuana card doctors Tampa Florida are now available through the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Therefore you can now have a relaxing experience getting your Florida medical card .

How to get a medical marijuana card in Tampa Florida

    1. ORDER: Schedule an appointment with our office online or prepay by ordering your evaluation online.  If possible locate your medical documents demonstrating your condition.
    2. COME: Go to your appointment at our office.  2719 Hollywood Blvd Miami, Fl 33020. Consequently, our medical marijuana doctor will perform a full history and physical of your condition.
    3. REGISTER: You will get your email for registering with Florida state at your consultation.
    4. GET YOUR CARD: On average our patients get their card electronically in 2 weeks and in the mail in 4 weeks.

What are the qualifying conditions in Florida?

PTSD: You may experienced post traumatic stress disorder  after a period of intense stress.

Chronic nonmalignant pain: This is described by the state as pain originating from a qualifying condition that goes above and beyond the usual course of a diagnosed condition.

Cancer: These are diseases of enhanced cell growth of any of the bodies organs that does not respect neighboring organs or cellular structures.

Crohns Disease: This disease affects the gastrointestinal system and is mainly seen in the colon. It is diagnosed by biopsy from a colonoscopy. It is classified as an inflammatory bowel disease. Patients often suffer from abdominal pain, bloating and abnormal stool patterns.

Multiple Sclerosis: This disease causes a patient to either experience weakness, tingling, numbness, loss of vision, or pain on multiple occasions. It is often diagnosed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI.

Epilepsy: A neurological condition of the brain that is associated with seizures. A patient can develop this spontaneously

Glaucoma: An eye condition that causes increased pressures and can be associated with eye pain.

HIV: A virus that attacks the immune systems white blood cells. It makes the immune system unable to defend against normal infections. It can progress to AIDS.

AIDS: An HIV positive patient who has a severe opportunistic infection or has a low T Cell count.

Parkinsons Disease: A neurological condition that affects the brain often impairing individuals from moving regularly.

Medical conditions of the Same Kind or Class

Many Patients Transfer To Us From Their Prior Doctor

Many patients come to the Hollywood Easy Clinic from other marijuana doctors offices. For example South Tampa patients come to us after being burned by another fly by night businessmen who closed their medical marijuana office.  These patients cant locate their doctor after closing and desire for our Medical marijuana card doctors to resume their prescription. Unfortunately these patients can’t have another doctor prescribe their medicine. Each patients medical marijuana card is only good with her previous medical marijuana doctor. Therefore it’s important you pick the right doctor who will stay around.

Why go to another medical marijuana doctor when you know the Hollywood Easy Clinic has been doing this for years?

Another reason is medical marijuana card doctors Hollywood Florida is important is that you and your medical card are tied to your doctor for a full 210 days. Furthermore your relationship with your medical marijuana doctors office doesn’t stop after your get your card. Consequently, you will talk with our medical marijuana card doctors Hollywood Florida 33020 at least every 70 days to get your prescription refilled.

Fortunately you have come to the best medical marijuana card doctors Hollywood Florida office. We have been ranked number one on Yelp LA since 2014. In addition we are the best cannabis clinic because our medical marijuana doctor develops a personal relationship with our patients. Therefore with your consultation our service includes a fully attentive medical marijuana doctors office and medical personnel who help you get your medical marijuana card approval. Furthermore our family run staff take your calls seven days a week for your refill requests and don’t charge you per request. Your consultation fees with doctor are all inclusive.

In addition our medical marijuana card doctors are Florida experts in medical marijuana  because we are experienced in California medical marijuana prescriptions since 2010.  Furthermore our medical marijuana card doctors will prescribe you the best medical marijuana for your condition. Book your appointment today with the Hollywood Easy Clinic or give us a call.  Finally you can click here to finally begin your evaluation online and see our medical marijuana card doctors today. Our doctors also perform emotional support animal evaluations.

Medical Marijuana Office Yelp Review

“Great experience. Dr. Darcy has been my medical cannabis doctor for over six months now. His bedside manner was highly professional and very welcoming. I had many questions and concerns when first being introduced to this form of medicine. Dr. Darcy answered all my questions and made the process very smooth.

I do want to give Kyle a shout out. He has been my main contact through the process. He was very patient and understanding with me, working with my tight scheduling restraints to get my licence going. I called him whenever I had any issues with prescriptions and he jumped right away to help me out. Even when I had questions after hours, whether by text or phone, Kyle was quick to answer. The whole staff here is very kind and made my experience extremely comfortable. Go here if you qualify for MMJ, if not for the great service, for a smooth process.”

Joseph G. review on Yelp


“Getting my medical marijuana card went smoother than I ever expected!! I had sooo many questions, I felt like such a bother :/ They were very reassuring and SO helpful…They’re the best in biz! I will be recommending all my friends in the Miami area and I’ll defiantly be back when its time to renew. Thanks so much you guys!”

review by Lucy22Lynn on Weedmaps


“Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Miami showed me how to get a Florida medical marijuana card. I booked an appointment with this medical marijuana doctor and went through the evaluation. The office staff helped me get registered in the for a medical marijuana card. I followed their instructions of what to do online for the Miami medical card registration.

What seperates this doctor is that besides getting you the medical marijuana card in Miami, he also found the right type of marijuana for me. I was able to get my medical marijuana card a lot faster than my friends. I have the follwing suggestions on how to get a medical marijuana card in Miami.

1. Book an appoitnemtn with them. Their medical marijuana doctors office is more experienced than any other office. 2. Obtain your medical records from your prior physician. 3. Go to your consultation with the medical marijuana doctor. Get your online registration started with Florida department of health. 4. Send in a passport photo and payment. 5. Get your Miami Florida medical marijuana card sent in the mail. 6. Take your medical marijuana card miami to your dispensary. 7. The good news you don’t have to repeat all of these steps to renew your medical marijuana card.”

Marijuanadoctors review

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Tampa Florida


Your location:

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic

2719 Hollywood Boulevard
Miami, FL 33020
United States (US)
Phone: (754) 465-5607
Secondary phone: (323) 790-4983
Fax: (888) 374-2546

Monday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Thursday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Hillsborough County Florida

Tampa is located in Hillsborough County Florida. It is largest city on the West Coast of Florida.

Pinellas County

Pinellas County includes Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

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