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Medical Marijuana Pain Relief

    Medical Marijuana Pain Relief

    Medical marijuana pain relief might be the best options for many chronic pain patients. Pain can be a hindrance to your daily living sometimes. It can affect your entire system when you are in pain.  This is a strong option for patients who are seeking pain relief and are fed up with opiates such as vicodin, norco or oxycontin. Those drugs has so many side effects and can put you feeling down sometimes. The best medication for long term pain control that I generally recommend is high cannabidiol oil preparations in gel capsule forms.

    For mild pain relief I recommend taking at least 6mg. For moderate pain, I recommend 9 mg and for severe pain I recommend 12mg. I do recommend taking any oil preparation with food since these capsules can cause drowsiness. Please bear in mind that each person is different so it is best to see an expert for correct dosage.

    This medicine is safe to use unlike other drugs that have harmful effects in the end especially with your liver. It has been proven by many of our patients that it works for them. They were able to fully function all through out the day without suffering from pain. If you are needing a recommendation letter please visit our clinic and our knowledgeable doctors will be able to help you with the pain that you are suffering from. Ask them all the questions that you have in mind and they will provide you with all the information that you needed. If you already had the recommendation before, we now have an option to renew online. We accept renewals even from other clinics. Going organic medicine for pain is the best way to go. Please also refer to our post on marijuana for chronic back pain.

    Medical marijuana pain relief

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