Medical Marijuana Evaluation Renewal Bayview San Francisco California 94124

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Medical Marijuana Evaluation Renewal 94124 Bayview San Francisco by the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Bayview district is on the southeast corner of San Francisco on the bay side of the peninsula.  This is close to Brisbane and a significant amount of information technology businesses. Candlestick park the former home of the San Francisco 49ers is located in Bayview. At the southernmost portion of Bayview is Oyster Bay and the San Francisco International Airport. Many medical marijuana patients take 101 to visit our clinic downtown.

There are unfortunately no medical marijuana doctors located in this part of San Francisco. But if you take a short drive up the 101 or 280 freeways into the heart of San Francisco you can come into our medical marijuana card doctor’s office located at 1111 Post St. at the corner of Post and Polk. This location is also close to several dispensaries and can handle all of your marijuana and cannabis needs.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation Renewal Bayview San Francisco California 94124

We do medical evaluations and also provide consults for people wanting to grow or cultivate cannabis.  We can provide a special growing license (know as the cultivation recommendation) which will allow you to grow more than the standard 6 plants that normal patients can grow. It allows our patients to grow up to 99 plants or as many as needed for their medical needs.

Our San Francisco office accepts walk-ins, so feel free to come on in anytime we are open. Our normal hours are 11am to 7pm seven days per week. 1111 Post St, San Francisco California 94109.

Our doctor also does emotional support animal certifications out of this office. In order to get an emotion support animal certification (or ESA) just come in with your animal and your ID. If you have medical records for the condition that is causing you to need an ESA, please bring those too. But if you don’t have medical records you can still come in without them.

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