Emotional Support Animal San Francisco

Emotional Support Animal San Francisco allows for renters or those travelling on commercial airlines to keep an animal with them. It must be deemed necessary for their emotional well being by a licensed physician. This type of evaluation can be done in person or online.

Emotional Support Animal San Francisco

The easiest way to get your emotional support animal certification (or ESA) is to come into our San Francisco Hollywood Easy Clinic with your animal. You should bring your ID and any medical records you have. These should show a diagnosis of the condition leading you to need the ESA. If you do not have medical records, that is no problem. You can also come in without them. Our emotional support animal San Francisco office is located at:

Your ESA certification comes with the letters that you will need. Letters for rental issues as well as the letters needed for flying on commercial airlines. Some airlines do require certain specific information in the letter. Also keep in mind that different airlines have different requirements. We stay abreast of these and other changing variables. As a result, our patients have everything they need to allow them and their emotional support animal a smooth journey. At emotional support animal San Francisco we’re animal lovers too.

Service Animal San Francisco

Furthermore, we also do certifications for service animals. Service animals are animals which have a very unique and special training in order to assist a handicapped owner (such as seeing eye dogs). The ESA is slightly less in cost as compared to the service animal cert. The paperwork is a little more extensive for service animals, hence the slightly higher cost. In order to have your animal certified as a service animal, we require a demo of the training and medical records. We do both of these types of certifications, ESA and Service Animal, in all of our offices, not just the San Francisco office. Our California offices are in San Francisco, Studio City, Hollywood, and Long Beach. We also have offices in Florida and New York.

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