Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Bonita Springs Florida

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Bonita Springs Florida by the Hollywood Easy Clinic. The Hollywood Easy Clinic, Medical marijuana Doctors, has over 7 years of experience offering services to patients looking to obtain legal medical marijuana. With a variety locations from NY to CA and as of February 2017 we are happy to announce our 6th newest location. We will now be available to residents of beautiful Bonita Springs Florida!

Medical marijuana card Doctors Bonita Springs Florida our patients will be seen by our state approved medical marijuana doctors also registered with the Florida Office of Compassionate Use. The Doctor will determine first of all whether or not the use of CBD or THC will be an effective treatment for a patient suffering due to a chronic or debilitating conditions. You will be furthermore assisted with the submission of their application to the Fl. Dept. of Health. Also the process of obtaining a Registry ID card, in order to purchase your medicine while at any dispensary. Delivery options also available to Bonita Springs FL.

At medical marijuana card Doctors Bonita Springs Florida our office will certainly provide comprehensive medical evaluations to determine the best treatment plan for you or your loved ones. We, above all, welcome all residents of Bonita Springs Florida. so you can also experience the difference in our Medical Marijuana Doctors’ offices today! Medical Marijuana Doctors Bonita Springs have extended our hours of operation to 7 days a week. For the reason that our compassionate and educated staff can better provide you with the most constant care. We also have little to no wait times. So you can finally be on your way to the pain management you need in the timeliest manner possible. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today!

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Bonita Springs

Medical marijuana card doctors Bonita Springs is located in Lee County. Furthermore it is South of Fort Meyers, cape Coral and Southwest of medical marijuana card doctors West Palm Beach and medical marijuana card doctors Boynton Beach Florida. Furthermore It is North of medical marijuana card doctors Naples and Marco Island. In addition East of Bonita Springs is medical marijuana card doctors Boca Raton Florida, medical marijuana card doctors Pompano Beach and Coral springs. Our office is located East of I-95 exit Hollywood Blvd. We offer patient parking in the back and an office that is wheelchair accessible for your convenience. Finally Bonita springs is Northwest of medical marijuana card doctors Pembroke Pines and Medical marijuana card doctors Hollywood Florida.


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Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic

2719 Hollywood Boulevard
Miami, FL 33020
United States (US)
Phone: (754) 465-5607
Secondary phone: (323) 790-4983
Fax: (888) 374-2546

Monday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Friday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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