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Medical Marijuana 90038

    Medical Marijuana 90038

    Medical marijuana 90038 evaluations, Recommendations, cards and Cultivation Licenses performed by cannabis physicians of the Hollywood Easy Clinic. The best medical marijuana dispensaries are our patients because our medical marijuana doctors know the facts about marijuana, the types of marijuana, strains, and the long term effects of marijuana. Cannabis clinics in West Hollywood send their patients to us because they see too often how a fake medical marijuana card office opens up in Los Angeles. These clinics have fake medical marijuana doctors, collect patient information and money then disappear soon after. Our clinics advice is that if it doesn’t feel like a medical doctors office, it most likely is not a doctors office but a con artist operation.

    “This is an awesome and spacious cannabis clinic. The medical marijuana card worked well, and the doctor was great and informative.  I didn’t wait long to see the doctor, and without much fanfare, I left with my card in tact and immediately visited a dispensary the next block over.” Brian H. Los Angeles, CA 12/2/2014

    “Greatest Doc for recommendations ( not a dispensary ) in the valley! I was in and out in less than 20 min. Thanks guys! I’ll definitely be coming back for my renewal.”  Jr gave us a 5 Star Yelp review!!

    Medical Marijuana 90038

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