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Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Valley Village Los Angeles has moved to the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Therefore the Best Medical Marijuana Doctor is now available for our San Fernando Valley patients. First of all medical marijuana patients in the San Fernando Valley asked our marijuana  doctor Valley Village Los Angeles at the Hollywood Easy Clinic to move. Consequently, our patients now have medical marijuana cards Los Angeles and cannabis in Valley Village Los Angeles.

In addition the medical marijuana card doctors Valley Village Los Angeles are the most experienced with Cannabis California . Furthermore our mmj Los Angeles doctor is familiar with different CBD methods of ingestion . In addition, Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctor has been running our clinic. Therefore our medical marijuana card doctors assists patients from North Hollywood , Reseda, and Palmdale who desire a medical marijuana card renewal.

Furthermore medical marijuana card doctors Valley Village have multiple cannabis doctors who have been practicing marijuana medicine with Burbank  and Reseda patients since medical marijuana legalization started. Consequently medical marijuana renewal patients in Van Nuys , Glendale and Burbank have been served by Studio City Easy Clinic since 2011. Most noteworthy cannabis dispensaries all over including Pasadena, and Pacoima accept medical marijuana cards from Studio City Easy Clinic.

Chatsworth doctors send their medical marijuana patients with back pain to us. Furthermore, Ventura medical marijuana doctors refer their patients to us. Therefore our medical marijuana card doctors teach our Pasadena and Glendale patients how easy it is to get a medical marijuana card in all of our locations. Furthermore our medical marijuana card doctors valley village will also teach LancasterPalmdale and Sun Valley patients how to understand your medicine.  In addition our professional medical marijuana doctors are licensed by California to help Reseda patients with getting your medical marijuana card. Most noteworthy Van Nuys and Burbank patients with the California state medical card do not have to pay certain taxes that recreational users do.

Consequently you will complete our medical marijuana questionnaire. In addition our medical marijuana doctors Reseda patients the benefits and risks of medical marijuana and bipolar disorder. Furthermore medical marijuana Glendale patients will then see our medical marijuana doctor for their history and physical.  Most noteworthy bring your government identification.  In addition if you have seen a doctor in the past bring any medical documentation verifying your diagnosis.  Therefore if our medical marijuana doctor approves you, you will be eligible for a medical marijuana recommendation and card. Finally, you can also speak to our doctor about growing marijuana. If you need more marijuana than 8 oz you will be eligible for our growing license

Our medical marijuana doctors online renewal process is also easy. Consequently if you want a medical marijuana renewal Pasadena California and want your medical marijuana card renewal go to medical marijuana doctors online.

Finally, our medical marijuana doctors also perform emotional support animal evaluations.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Valley Village Los Angeles

Furthermore the medical marijuana card doctors Valley Village Los Angeles are east of Toluca Lake California. In addition Valley Village is east of medical marijuana card doctors Burbank California. Furthermore Valley Village is South of medical marijuana doctors North Hollywood California and medical marijuana card doctors Valley Glen Los Angeles California. In addition it is south of medical marijuana doctors Van Nuys California and medical marijuana card doctors Panorama City. Furthermore Valley Village is East of medical marijuana doctors Sherman Oaks California. Finally Valley Village is north of medical marijuana doctors Studio City California and medical marijuana doctors Hollywood Los Angeles California.

Most noteworthy medical marijuana card doctors Valley Village Los Angeles also perform medical marijuana renewals Valley Village Los Angeles California. Our marijuana doctor Valley Village is open every day.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic

12045 Riverside Dr
LOS ANGELES, California 91607
United States (US)
Phone: (323) 790-4983
Fax: (888) 374-2546
Price range: $40-$200


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Furthermore medical marijuana card doctors San Bernardino California is east of Valley Village. In addition medical marijuana card doctors Santa Clarita California is north of Valley Village. Furthermore northwest is medical marijuana doctors Palmdale California and medical marijuana doctors Lancaster California. In addition medical marijuana card doctors Santa Monica California is southwest of Valley Village.

Got Cannabis in the Valley Los Angeles? Medical Marijuana Card Doctors in Valley Village Studio City California 91607. Growing medical marijuana in California, looking for a growers license, or wondering how to get a medical marijuana card from a medical marijuana doctor?

Our medical doctor can help you be a member of a dispensary / collective in California for patients who qualify. Accepting out of state patients, international patients and under 18 patients with parental consent. Wallet sized recommendation with your medical diagnosis on a sealed confidential and HIPAA medical record.

Our medical marijuana doctor specializes in growing organic marijuana, medical cards, recommendations, and renewals. Each patient is educated on the standard of care for their condition, if marijuana could be a part of their treatment plan, and the risks and benefits of medical cannabis. We are located in Los Angeles County and serve Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County.

Some doctors will advertise a medical marijuana cultivation license or growers recommendation. However, many don’t really understand that these are truly an exemption above the standard 6 mature plants that was described in SB 420. These are sometimes referred to as a grower’s license or growers permit but those are misnomers as any patient with a recommendation can grow. California patients can grow up to their medication requirements but no more than the federal limit which are commonly believed 99 plants. This should not be confused with the vendor licenses or collective grower authorization issued by a cooperative or collective. Collective grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative. Our marijuana doctor knows many of the growing laws understands natural and organic medicine and helps our patients determine a reasonable amount of medicine for personal use.

Growing Medical Marijuana Card-Studio City Growing Medical Marijuana Card strives to be the premiere medical marijuana evaluation and resource center in Studio City, California. With a team of licensed and professional doctors, patients are in the safest of hands when it comes to finding information and accessing cannabis for medical purposes. The doctor behind Growing Medical Marijuana Card in Studio City achieved his Doctorate from UCLA, serving is residency at UC Irvine and specializing in plastic surgery. Practicing medicine since the mid-2000s, he initially came across the medical cannabis field when his patients began asking him about its usage. He performed thorough research and discovered a high demand for it among patients due to its long list of medicinal benefits.

As a result, he decided to specialize in medical marijuana and offer access to its relief for more patients in the Studio City area. He assembled a team of ten doctors from a spectrum of medical fields and opened Medical Marijuana Card Doctor as a safe and professional clinic where patients could be evaluated for medical cannabis use and access. Growing Medical Marijuana Card prioritizes connecting with each patient and developing a strong patient-doctor community where ideas are exchanged, and all information is freely available.

All medical marijuana card doctors Valley Village on staff is a certified and board-licensed medical doctor from a wide range of backgrounds. They invest in each patient’s individual journey to health, and prioritizing providing education on different strains, use, growing, and legalities of medical marijuana. Growing Medical Marijuana Card offers transparent fees for their medical services, and proudly provide discounts for veterans as well as renewal evaluations. Follow-up questions are always answerable through either email, text message or phone call, and their clinics welcome both walk-ins and scheduled appointments.

Service Locations: Based in Studio City, California, Growing Medical Marijuana Card is conveniently located in a welcoming retail center off Riverside Drive and close to the 101 freeway. They are proud to serve the surrounding areas of Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Pasadena, Burbank, Van Nuys and Sun Valley as well as the greater Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange counties.

Related Services: In addition to medical marijuana evaluations, the doctors at Growing Medical Marijuana Card provide a variety of other treatments including STI treatment, general medical concerns, cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and evaluations for emotional support animals.

Location Information: Studio City is nestled north of the Hollywood Hills in sunny Los Angeles, California. It lies just north of Universal Studios Hollywood and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and borders both Griffith Park, home of the Hollywood Sign, and Topanga State Park. The Getty Museum, the Museum of Tolerance and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County are all popular cultural attractions. Los Angeles is also home to the NBA’s Clippers and Lakers, the MLB’s Dodgers and the newly returned NFL’s Rams. From all corners of Los Angeles County and beyond, Growing Medical Marijuana Card is proud to serve its diverse communities. What separates our medical marijuana doctor from others is our doctor actually runs the office and holds the office to ethical standards of medicine.

Medical marijuana is a controversial medication for serious medical conditions. We offer medical marijuana cards which are an optional wallet sized medical record available as a convenience. Our medical marijuana doctors are experienced in cannabis medicine and laws.

Notice to Consumer: The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 ensures that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Physicians are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California and arrive at the decision to make this recommendation in accordance with accepted standards of medical responsibility