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99 Plant Grow License San Francisco California

    99 Plant Grow License San Francisco

    99 Plant Grow License San Francisco California is not a license.  Our doctor provides a recommendation for our patients stating they will benefit from marijuana. Furthermore it is an exemption from Senate Bill 420 limits of marijuana possession imposed in 2005. A 99 Plant Grow License San Francisco is not a commercial license to grow marijuana. If you want to renew your recommendation with a growers exemptions start here. However, new patients should start with coming to our San Francisco California office.

    Growing Marijuana in San Francisco is not easy since a grower has many variables to account for. It does take some gardening skill. It also takes knowledge of the cannabis genus. Therefore, you should educate yourself. Our Hollywood Easy Clinic San Francisco can provide you with all the information you need.

    The cannabaceae family includes three species, sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Female versions of Sativa and Indica plants tend to grow taller.  They also produce relatively high levels of THC as compared to Ruderalis plants. The ruderalis plants are shorter and lower in THC, but tend to be a good source of CBD. Of course, you have a choice to grow other varieties. There has been a lot of cross breeding of these three species (called autoflowering) resulting in the many varieties of brands and strains we see in dispensaries around the world today.


    99 Plant Grow License San Francisco California

    We find that our patients enjoy growing their own marijuana (or cannabis medicine). This is due to the high price of weed in stores. We can provide a 99 Plant Grow license to our San Francisco patients. The mark-up of the meds from field to store is big and is also a major reason why many individuals, businesses, and even cartels spend so much time, money, and energy cultivating.

    For us growing should be done in a ecologically responsible and sustainable manner.  With little to no pollution or carbon footprint left over. Therefore, we encourage our patients growing their own medicine to keep it clean. Use organic forms of pesticide and composting techniques. To make sure to have proper soil without contaminating the water supply. And without contaminating your body with the chemicals or molds. Other things to watch out for when cultivating are molds and mildews which can harm the plant and the patient when ingested.

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    1. Iam trying to get my growers liescense for up to 99 plants it’s for personal use .I have high blood pressure ,insomnia,severe headaches.

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