Medical Marijuana Doctors South Miami

Medical Marijuana Doctors South Miami Florida at the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Our goal is to help the residents of South Miami prevent illness, maintain good health and help control you pain with a more natural approach. With our knowledge and expertise, in traditional drugs and therapies as well as medical cannabis, Our Medical Marijuana Doctors are qualified to help patients transition from harmful prescription drugs and therapies with the proper and safe use of medical cannabis. After being approved by our care providers, our staff will assist you in the submission of your application to the FL. Dept. of Health, a process that will typically take up to 6 weeks. After that, our Medical Marijuana Doctors office is open 7 days a week to answer any questions, customize your treatment plan and fill prescriptions every 70 days. While dispensaries in South Miami are not currently offering ‘dried Buds’ they do have a wide verity of other pain management medication such as: topical creams, vape inhalation, mouth sprays etc. and most will have the option to deliver right to your home in South Miami. We understand this is a fairly new procedure for Floridians, but with over 7 years of experience from CA to NY, we are happy to ‘bring you up to speed’ and make this a very pleasant and understandable process.

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