How Much is A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida

How Much is A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida

How Much is A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida is answered by our medical marijuana card doctors. First of all to acquire a Medical Marijuana card Miami Florida, you need to pay two fees which are the initial fee for getting authorization of a qualified physician and the other is $75 for the application. Furthermore the average fee for medical marijuana card doctors Miami Florida consultation is about $300.  Although there’s a misconception that getting a medical marijuana card is a tough, with us it’s easy.

Furthermore what other doctors don’t tell you about the physician costs is that they will charge you for all the refills. Since your medical marijuana prescription is good for only 70 days. Therefore most doctors will charge you for these refills and we don’t.

Furthermore you can get a medical marijuana card if you’re a legal or seasonal resident of Florida. The first and foremost step in getting a medical marijuana card in Florida is to get all of your medical records. Consequently you will meet with our medical marijuana doctors for your initial consultation. Your fee for this visit will be $150. Furthermore our medical marijuana doctors also tend to see patients over a three month period prior to issuing your certification. Therefore to prove your residence, you must submit your proof of residency such as a Florida I.D or utility bill. Consequently our medical marijuana card doctors Florida will update your information into the Marijuana Use Registry which is also known as the Compassionate Care Registry.

In January 2017 it became legal for people to see a medical marijuana card doctor to treat a list of qualifying conditions.  Ever since then, there has been a growing trend of dispensaries. Finally with our medical marijuana card doctors Hollywood Florida the real question should be how do I book an appointment. You can see our medical marijuana doctors online, by phone, or text message.

How Much is A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida?

$150 for first visit. $150 for second visit. $75 for Florida medical marijuana card registration.


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