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Medical Marijuana Use During a Pandemic. Telemedicine consultations are still available for all patients.

    Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Manhattan New York City

    Please note that medical marijuana care will continue during COVID 19. We are transitioning to online renewals & evaluations. However, offices will remain open in Hollywood Los Angeles, California, Hollywood, Florida, and New York City. In addition none of our employees or doctors have any current infections. Regardless, you will meet a healthcare professional who is wearing a mask or practicing social distancing.

    Most importantly, if you have an active respiratory infection please do not smoke or vaporize medical marijuana no matter what the cause whether COVID-19 , any other virus, or bacteria. On the other hand, you can use cannabis capsules, oils, tinctures, sublingual preparations. Furthermore you can also use topical cannabis preparations.

    In New York City there is justified anxiety and PTSD from this pandemic. Multiple infections have occurred and there is a large portion of the population scared for their lives. Cannabis is a reasonable treatment for the anxiety symptoms you are experiencing during this time. The best methods for minimizing exposure is distancing and wearing a mask when you are going to be within 6 feet of another person. We will also be providing telemedicine for new patients as well. However, you are safe to come to our office for your physical exam. With appointments you will only encounter one person during your exam.

    We will also be practicing social distancing and telemedicine in our Hollywood Los Angeles office. Los Angeles also is on high alert with a statewide closure of nonessential businesses. Our office is still considered essential as are all medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

    Moreover, Miami Florida patients who are new to our practice and transferring from another doctor will also have an introductory price of $150. Hollywood Florida we will be seeing new patients with your doctor who is disease free and wearing a mask to minimize any transmission. If everyone stay on time with their appointments you will be the only patient in the waiting room. If someone is in our shows up during your time they will be distanced appropriately to minimize transmission.

    If you are concerned about transmission of the virus when outside of our office, please consider purchasing a mask whether its an N95, or another material mask when among other individuals. Remember the risk of transmission from someone who is not infected is 0%.