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Cultivation License

    Cultivation License

    Cultivation License for personal use is very fast and easy to obtain at the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Have you ever thought of or wanted to grow marijuana for yourself? Especially if it is the medicine that you use everyday for your medical condition. The cultivation license gives you the right to do so. Growing medicine at the convenience of your own home, how great is that? Our medical marijuana card doctors can issue you this license. The license will say Exempt SB 420 which refers to medical marijuana growing license California Senate Bill 420. It will also specify up to how many pounds you need for personal use. Even though Prop 64 has already passed this wont allow you to grow as much as with the license. It is always better to be safe than sorry later on if you don’t have the license.

    Furthermore the cultivation license difference is that you can grow an unlimited number of plants. In contrast a regular recommendation only allows you up to 6 plants. The license will allow you to carry more than 8 oz with you. The doctor will be the one to decide depending on your medical condition on up to how much you will always need with you. The license can also work as your regular recommendation which will allow you to get in and buy at any medical dispensary. Getting a license only takes about 10 minutes. You fill out the paper work and see the doctor then you will walk out with your license. The license is already ready for use the same day. We advise that you have a copy of your license with you and at your residence. We do accept walk-ins or by appointment in any of our California clinics. If you already had the license before and would like to renew it, we do offer online renewals. Please also see our post regarding growing marijuana recommendations.

    Cultivation License California 

    In addition cultivation licenses are available to use throughout California. Furthermore a cultivation license San Francisco will allow you to have more than 8 ounces of marijuana.


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