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Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical marijuana cards are portable legal documents allow the holder to use medical marijuana in California, New York and Florida. First of all, our clinic can issue a private medical card for verification with law enforcement. Therefore patients can receive more legal protection with a state issued card. Furthermore there are often discounts available to patients with taxation as well. Finally in the following paragraphs we will discuss why you would want to get a medical marijuana card and finally how to do it.Medical Marijuana Cards

Purpose of Medical Card

In 2005 SB 420 was passed in Hollywood California to bring more regulations regarding the medical use of marijuana. Consequently the California Senate approved a Medical Marijuana Identification Program where patients are to be issued by their county a medical marijuana card that can be verified by calling a phone number or checking online. Most noteworthy your local County Department of Public Health handles the administration of these cards.

Therefore a medical marijuana card in Studio City or Downtown Los Angeles California helps prevent a patient from being arrested. Furthermore our Studio City office is easily accessible to GlendaleBurbank and Reseda. Most noteworthy it is currently illegal for a law enforcement officer to harass or arrest a San Francisco patient for marijuana use and/or possession with a medical marijuana identification card issued by his / her county.

Consequently your medical marijuana card in Los Angeles also exempts certain medical marijuana patients from sales tax of purchasing their marijuana. Furthermore besides our following instructions here is another perspective on how to get a medical card

Medical marijuana card in California

  1. First of all visit your California licensed medical marijuana doctor. We currently have four locations in California to assist with your medical evaluation.
  2. In addition you will undergo an evaluation with our doctor and receive your recommendation.
  3. Furthermore take your recommendation to your Department of Health and pay the fee. Our office will handle the verification on our side.
  4. Finally you should receive your card in the mail.

Finally medical marijuana card renewals are available either in our office or online.

New York

Our medical marijuana doctors issue medical marijuana cards in New York City as well. Therefore we suggest you follow any of our guides on how to get your medical marijuana card in New York.

  1. Schedule an appointment with our medical marijuana doctors office.
  2. In addition locate your medical records. Qualifying conditions can be Chronic pain, or PTSD as well as multiple other serious diseases. After going through your medical history with you we will have a good idea of whether you qualify.
  3. Furthermore see our medical marijuana doctors in our Manhattan New York City office.
  4. Next, you will be given your certification.
  5. Then you will register online at
  6. Finally submit payment and enter your certification number.
  7. Wait one week and open your mailbox.

Medical Marijuana Cards New York

Getting a Florida Medical Card

First of all our medical marijuana card doctors also issue medical marijuana Miami Florida cards. Furthermore we serve all of Florida.

The steps to receive a card are slower than with other states.

  1. Book an appointment with our medical marijuana doctors.
  2. Locate your medical records and possibly have a discussion with your primary care physician.
  3. Come to your medical marijuana doctors appointment with our medical marijuana card staff. Our medical marijuana doctor will perform a history and physical.
  4. Receive your email from the Florida office of compassionate use. Upload proof of residency and your passport photo.
  5. In addition pay.
  6. Finally receive your medical card in the mail.

Medical Marijuana Cards Florida
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