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Medical Marijuana Renewal

To clarify, medical marijuana patients get a medical marijuana card at the same time they get their written medical marijuana recommendation. Furthermore, your medical marijuana card usually expires after one year. Therefore our doctors can renew your card every year prior to your expiration. Likewise our doctors can assist patients who had recommendations from other clinics. Therefore you can get your medical marijuana renewal conveniently in Hollywood.  Consequently, after your medical marijuana renewal we will take your picture. After that we will hand you your medical marijuana Patient Identification Card.

Furthermore our renewal process is certainly very simple. In addition our medical marijuana card doctors are issuing renewals in Manhattan New York City and Miami Florida. Due to our medical marijuana doctors working 7 days a week, you can now do your medical card renewal online. Once you are done online we mail your recommendation. With this in mind, you can rest easy getting your recommendation on time.

Medical Marijuana RenewalWe strive for  the best. We will surely not disappoint you!

Renew Medical Marijuana Card

The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies marijuana with no medical benefit. Therefore prescriptions for medical marijuana are currently illegal under federal law. Due to this, there are no marijuana prescriptions, but recommendations.

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