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Medical Marijuana Research in NFL

    Medical Marijuana Research

    Medical marijuana research, argues Derek Rosenfeld of Drug Policy Alliance, is needed to see if it can assist with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  Many NFL players suffer from CTE as they get older. The theory behind CTE is that any trauma to a player’s brain causes inflammation. These long periods of inflammation left unchecked can damage the brain cells and impair prior neurons and connections. The players damaged brain can no longer function as before. The player thus is unable to remember simple memories or perform their usual activities throughout the day. Rosenfeld argues in his Huffington Post article that cannabis has many anti inflammatory properties that can possibly prevent the damage associated with these long periods of inflammation.

    Medical marijuana research of cannabis’ neuroprotective properties for brain trauma is a smart investment for professional football and any other sport that is associated with brain trauma. Prior Medical Marijuana Research has shown it is associated with significant reduction of brain amyloid deposition with age. Large amounts of amyloid has been found in the the brains of patients suffering from severe dementia and other related diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Professional football players should be especially interested in this type of medical marijuana research since they often undergo daily trauma to their heads and they are currently discouraged from medical marijuana use.

    Medical Marijuana Research

    Medical marijuana research is difficult to fund for medical doctors because of our current schedule 1 classification of medical marijuana. Schedule 1 medications are considered purely drugs of abuse with no medicinal benefit. Perhaps the NFL should invest some of its money and manpower to this medical marijuana research. I can confirm that many professional players truly believe in cannabis’ neuroprotective benefits besides enjoying the medication itself.

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