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Medical Marijuana Laws changing in Los Angeles California?

    Medical Marijuana Laws changing in Los Angeles California?

    Medical Marijuana Laws

    Governor Brown signed medical marijuana laws that cannabis dispensaries must be licensed and comply with local ordinances. Fortunately, this new law is not a problem for patients in cities where medical marijuana dispensaries are legal such as West Hollywood and San Francisco. However, for patients in Los Angeles, it can possibly be a problem where medical marijuana dispensaries are merely decriminalized. According to the author from this LA Weekly article New Marijuana Rules Could Close Every Dispensary in L.A.

    Regulation of medicine is especially important to minimize the side effects patients experience. Patients often experience side effects from marijuana intended for the recreational user. It is important for any collective to classify certain medication strains. They should also provide quality assurance measures for any product provided. All patients must adhere to regulations regarding the safe transportation of medical marijuana. We will provide you with basic safety knowledge before leaving our office. The Bureau of Cannabis Control in California can provide specific information for your area.

    In the current medical marijuana climate in California, our medical doctors can recommend cannabis. After the patient receives the recommendation, the patient’s next step is finding a dispensary. The patient will then determine their dosage and method of intake.  It is important for collectives to provide basic information for the patient about any medication provided including the correct strain information, and the history of side effects. This will hopefully minimize unanticipated, annoying, and possibly dangerous side effects. You can minimize the potential of side effects by using a low dosage on your initial intake. Visit our website or contact us by phone to set an appointment.

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