Medical Marijuana Doctor Westwood

Medical Marijuana Doctor Westwood patients choose Hollywood Easy Clinic because our cannabis physician is a graduate of UCLA School of Medicine. Our cannabis patients trust that our doctor has a legitimate medical understanding and can help them with their serious medical problems. Getting a medical marijuana card can be an anxiety inducing process for medical marijuana patients and our cannabis physician does an outstanding job at helping to relieve that anxiety. Our goal is to have you leaving our clinic feeling better than when you came in. For this reason patients rate us 5 stars on Yelp. Our Yelp page is the most compelling evidence that our Hollywood Easy Clinic is the best medical marijuana clinic.

“The doctor was great and did a great assessment. I would recommend coming here” JC gave us a 5 Star Yelp review!! #MedicalMarijuana

Medical Marijuana Doctor Westwood

Furthermore our medical marijuana doctor Westwood is located west of medical marijuana physician Hollywood Easy Clinic. It is also located northeast of medical marijuana doctors Brentwood Los Angeles California. Additionally our state licensed medical marijuana doctors can also issue you a medical marijuana growing license California. If you are looking to grow medical marijuana for personal use then this is certainly for you. Moreover our state licensed medical marijuana doctors does evaluation for Emotional Support Animal. This will indeed help you if you need your pet anywhere with you. Most notably is that we have all of our services available for online renewal. If you decide you want to visit the clinic you can go ahead and make an appointment online. But of course we always welcome walk ins as well.


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