Medical Marijuana Dispensary

We are the number one cannabis doctors office in California not a medical marijuana dispensary. It is important to realize that we have state licensed medical marijuana doctors that gives medical marijuana recommendations. Even if this is your first time we will make sure that you are well informed before you leave our clinic. Also we have competent staff that will help you in finding the right dispensary. Though we can not guarantee an outstanding experience with each of these dispensaries, we have heard our patients have had outstanding experiences. Our patients have helped us compile a list of dispensaries / collectives in California that have been safe and fair to their members. Out of safety concerns for our patients going to an unknown collective we believe it is important that our patients have some safe framework of dispensaries to work with so they can become a more informed patient.

7262 Melrose

Buds and Roses

Hollywood High Grade

Silver Lake Caregivers


Cannabis Delivery


Allen gave us a 5 Star Yelp review!! #MedicalMarijuana “A reliable place. Everyone is kind and efficient! A medical marijuana dispensary you can count on. Dr is friendly and knowledgeable of all questions related. I wouldn’t go to any other place. Conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood with available parking.”

Going to a medical marijuana dispensary without any knowledge is hard and certainly not advisable. For this reason our medical marijuana doctors are here to help and guide you to the right medication you need. First thing to remember is that our state licensed doctors gives medical marijuana recommendation based on your current medical conition. Because of that our Hollywood Easy Clinic have been the top medical marijuana clinic on Yelp.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Moreover if you feel like going to a medical marijuana dispensary will cost you a lot of money we have an alternative for that. Our state licensed medical marijuana doctors can also issue a medical marijuana growing license Los Angeles California. If you are looking to save money in the long run then this is certainly for you. The certificate will surely allow you to grow medical marijuana up to 99 plants for personal use. Additionally our physicians also does evaluation for Emotional Support Animal. With this certificate you can indeed bring your pet anywhere with you even on your flights. Furthermore we have all of our services available for online renewal. Also you can make an appointment online if you would like to see our medical marijuana doctors. Of course walk in is always welcome as well.


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