Medical Marijuana Dispensaries now open in Las Vegas

Medical marijuana dispensariesMedical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries are now open in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though we are not giving legal advice (meaning you should clear this with your local Las Vegas criminal attorney), Nevada offers reciprocity. This reciprocity means that your recommendation for medical use of cannabis written by a licensed California physician is now legal in Las Vegas, Nevada as well. One of my patients who now lives in Las Vegas reports her Hollywood Easy Clinic recommendation is being accepted by many Las Vegas collectives. Perhaps besides our outstanding cannabis clinic and cannabis doctor reputation this is the reason that we are getting so many patients at the Hollywood Easy Clinic visiting us from Las Vegas. With more storefronts opening in Las Vegas, obtaining easier access to cannabis is becoming more realistic. This article reports that a second dispensary or storefront opens in Las Vegas and that they are accepting a recommendation for medical marijuana from any state. Prices for seeing medical doctors in Las Vegas are around $200 per patient. #MedicalMarijuana #MedicalMarijuanaCard #MedicalMarijuanaEvaluation #MedicalMarijuanaDoctor Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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