Medical Marijuana Card Doctors San Pedro Los Angeles California

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Medical Marijuana Card Doctors San Pedro Los Angeles California is near the Hollywood Easy Clinic. San Pedro is the southern extension of Los Angeles. It is a sister port city to Long Beach. Multiple cruise lines depart from San Pedro’s Port of Los Angeles. With the 2016 change to allow for recreational marijuana, multiple dispensaries have closed or moved and medical marijuana doctors offices have closed. Now in 2020 there is a new tax for up to 50 percent of the marijuana cost. To assist with medication cost, patients continue to visit us at the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Our doctors perform medical marijuana evaluations, cultivation licenses and emotional support animal evaluations. For your convenience, we offer online medical marijuana renewals. We recommend for all San Pedro patients that after you visit us at our office or renew online that you register for your Los County Department of Public Health to receive a medical marijuana card

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors San Pedro Los Angeles California

Most of our patients in San Pedro tend to be Longshoremen or involved with shipping, warehouses, or logistics. There are no longer any Medical Marijuana Card Doctors in San Pedro Los Angeles California. Furthermore, San Pedro is the southernmost portion of Los Angeles County. Therefore many of our patients either see us at our Hollywood office or renew with us online. Since there are no local dispensaries in San Pedro, many patients rely upon delivery services to get there medication. These delivery services include the Good Tree, and Higher Purpose delivery. In addition, San Pedro is west of medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach California. Additionally San Pedro is south of medical marijuana card doctors Wilmington Los Angeles and medical marijuana card doctors Carson California. Finally, it is east of medical marijuana card doctors Rancho Palos Verdes.

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