Medical Marijuana Card 90015 Hollywood Easy Clinic

Medical Marijuana Card 90015Medical Marijuana Card 90015

Medical Marijuana Card 90015 Hollywood Easy Clinic  “Quick, easy and honest service. Very helpful, with plenty of options and availability. The miniature ID card is a great option, and renewals are cheap! Dr. Darcy was very thorough and the staff was very helpful.” Matt B  Los Angeles, CA 90015.  5 Star Yelp review 9/22/2015.

“It was fast and easy I came in 15 minutes later I walked out with a medical card. Awesome ! I recommend it for everyone !” Alex M. Los Angeles, CA 90007. Yelp Review 8/18/2015.

“Quick, efficient and professional ! Not to mention best prices in town for first time medical cards! Highly recommend !” Olivia R. Los Angeles, CA 90011. Yelp Review 4/28/2015.

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