Medical Marihuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic Review on Yelp

Medical marihuana card doctor

Medical Marihuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic Review on Yelp

This was a review written by Doug M.:

Note that this review is for Dr. Darcy, and not necessarily the clinic facility with which he is associated.

When I first met Dr. Darcy a few years ago, the cashier attempted a bait-and-switch on fees, and I gave a 1-star review in Yelp. He contacted me shortly thereafter, with great attention to customer satisfaction, and ever since he’s consistently gone above-and-beyond the call of duty in maintaining contact and customer satisfaction.

Most medical marihuana “clinics” I’ve encountered come across as sleazy operations, with fly-by-night “doctors” of dubious credentials. The clinic with which Dr Darcy looked a little nicer, but practices were dubious (trying to overcharge, use scare tactics to scam me into buying a card I don’t actually need, etc). He’s apparently had  falling-out with them and relocated.

Dr. Darcy is a bit of an exception. I’ve seen “420 doctors” who looked suspiciously like they had a meth habit, another wasn’t even on-site and issued a permit after asking me three cursory questions via Skype. Dr. Darcy, OTOH, asks a lot of questions about your health, cautions about counter indications, recommends periods of going “cold turkey”, etc. In short, he’s a true medical professional.

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