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Medical Evaluation Clinic Studio City Easy Clinic Valley Village

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    medical evaluationMedical Evaluation Clinic Studio City Easy Clinic

    Medical evaluation clinic in Valley Village known as the Studio City Easy Clinic has been operating since 2011. Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctor recently moved the clinic across the street to a new location at the corner of Laurel Canyon Blvd and Riverside in the Starbucks shopping center.

    “Great new location in The Valley, with a friendly staff and decor. This is a medical evaluation clinic, not a dispensary. Good price for renewals.”  Brian Studio City, Los Angeles, CA 91604 gave us a 5 Star Yelp review!!

    “Love this place.  Very professional and courteous.  Extremely helpful!  Medical marijuana evaluations!  Get yours here now!” Kim K. Alhambra, CA 91801 Yelp Review 10/3/2015

    “I found Easy Clinic to be just fine.   I’m in my mid 60’s and use medical Cannabis to ease the pain of severe back problems.  For years I used a clinic in West Hollywood.  They were rather inconvenient and there was a lot of attitude, so i looked for a better alternative. The worst ones were the self promoters.  Many of them.   Finally, Easy Clinic opened and they were really convenient.  I was offered the option of an appointment.  I was seen right away without a hitch.

    In fact, the first doctor who evaluated me moved in the middle of my most recent year, which caused a glitch when I went to renew my county card with the Dept of Health.  So Easy clinic re-evaluated me, didn’t charge me a penny more, and extended my note to a year from the date i came in, which gave me an additional 3 months.

    On top of that, the clinic calls its patients to remind them to renew.  Nice touch/
    They didn’t require me to have a plastic card, but they recommended it.  Good idea.  With a copy of the original note, the folding wears it out, while the card lasts all year and fits conveniently with i.d. Y credit card.  Now, maybe they require it now, but I think it’s well worth it.

    Because I made an appointment, there was no wait time, and the whole process took about 5 minutes for the paper work and another 15 or 20 for the consultation.

    I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews here.  The place is perfect.  They do what they are supposed to, and without any games or b.s.  They evaluate the patient and, upon verification of the medical condition, they generate a valid doctor’s note.and a convenient card.  The price is as low as you will find, and well worth more.

    I am a patient, and am not in any way associated with Easy Clinic.  I’ve heard that it takes long if you don’t make an appointment..  So make an appointment.  Their verification system so far has been fail safe for me too!!!!” Norman W. Valley Village, CA 91607. Yelp Review 6/7/2013.

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    1. I’ve been a MMJ patient for three years and my rec just expired. How can I go about visiting your Encino office to get a renewed rec?

      What are your prices, methods of payment and hours of business?

      Thank you!

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