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Marijuana Medication to Avoid

Marijuana Medication to Avoid

The “Marijuana Medication to Avoid” list was created based upon feedback from patients and their side effects. That is why Hollywood Easy Clinic are here for you so you will be well informed before you go to a dispensary. It is important to realize that we have been helping medical marijuana patients for more that 8 years now. In addition to that our clinic has knowledgeable state licnesed medical marijuana doctors that gives medical marijuana recommendations. First thing to remember is that our doctors medical marijuana recommendations are based on your current medical condition and physical exam. Not only that we also have well informed staff that will help you with any medical marijuana related. Altogether they work side by side to give you the best medical marijuana care.

First thing to remember is that not all products that says INDICA is good. For example the Kushy Punch Indica. In other words the Indica name is misleading as many patients and providers associate cannabis indica with a high CBD and low THC. And of course our doctors will help you determine what are to avoid. For this reason we have been the best medical marijuana clinic on YELP. Our patients are the most compelling evidence that we give the best medical marijuana care.

Here’s what one of our patients has said regarding the doctors at the Hollywood and Studio City Easy Clinics. Lisamarie gave us a 5 Star Yelp review!!
“Awesome service!!! Not a dispensary! Dr. is very nice and knowledgeable. He listened carefully to my medical history and concerns. Highly recommend him to get your recommendation!”  #MedicalMarijuana


It is also important to do your own research regarding the product that you will be buying. In addition to that going organic is of course the best way to go. Avoid almost wet looking flowers or has a fuzzy grey stuff on it. Also if you are buying vape cartridges make sure you read the label that it doesnt contain any harmful chemicals. Always make sure that you do your own research first that is always the best way to go. And that is also the reason we are here so we could help you with your medical marijuana journey.

Marijuana Medication to Avoid

Furthermore not only that our doctors can tell you marijuana medication to avoid but they can also give cultivation license. This certificate can certainly allow you to grow medical marijuana up to 99 plants for personal use. Additionally our state licensed medical marijuana doctors can also do evaluation for Emotional Support Animal. If your pet helps you with your current medical condition then this is certainly for you. The doctor will give you a certificate that will indeed lets you take your pet anywhere with you. Moreover we offer all of our services for online renewal. So at the convenience of your own home you will be able to renew. With this in mind you can go ahead make an appointment online to see our medical marijuana doctors. We also welcome walk in as well.