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Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Long Beach Signal Hill are near the Hollywood Easy Clinic. We don’t have a physical location in Long Beach or Signal Hill. Our Medical Marijuana Doctor specializes in Medical Marijuana Cards, Licenses, Recommendations, Renewals for growing marijuana / cannabis and can serve patients through our website. This clinic  started because of the need for a doctors clinic that didn’t try to scam its patients when run by non doctors. Furthermore these medical marijuana doctors are committed to our patients and have been not left despite the dispensary bans and voters passing proposition 64.

In addition our medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach California are happy that Long Beach has recently allowed medical dispensaries to operate inside the city. Therefore if you are a serious medical marijuana patient who uses their medication to treat their condition you need to come see our doctor for your medical marijuana card. However if your desire is to get high you will need to go elsewhere. Furthermore our medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach specialize in medical marijuana cards Los Angeles, renewals, medical marijuana growing license California and emotional support animal evaluations.

Furthermore, our medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach are the highest rated on yelp and google maps.

“Came upon this place by pure happenstance, as it was recommended to me by a good friend, fellow retiree and golf buddy. Clean, well kept facilities that make it super easy for those in need of a med Mary Jane card.

For me personally, I wanted to take a more “holistic” approach to pain treatment and with my formerly “security sensitive” job position / title, a holistic approach wasn’t an option. (Thank you retirement, lol). I just wanted to no longer be a slave to opiates and the associated pain in the ass to get a refill.

Welcome Med MJ Card Doctors!!! The folks there are super cool, uber professional and the ease of the process overall is outstanding!

While I’m not trying to flashback to my teenage / younger years, this is a Godsend and now I can “self treat” if and when needed, all the while avoiding the constipation associated with prescription drugs. Live green friends!!!”

Mike B. Yelp

“Dr. Darcy is a gifted and caring doctor. I have been a client for 4 years. The Long Beach location at Signal Hill is beautiful and clean and the staff is professional. You receive a medical exam. Best location for clients from Orange County.”

Kathleen S. on Google Maps

Furthermore for a new patient the first step in seeing us is booking an appointment online, by phone, or text. In addition you will need to bring your photo identification and any medical records you have available. Our medical marijuana clinic is accessible from the 405 freeway at the Cherry exit. For local patients our major cross streets are Cherry and Spring. When you arrive to parking lot you will see on outside of the building it will say Dr. Sean Darcy MD.

To start the process for getting your medical marijuana card with us for a renewal online you can click here


Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Long Beach California

Furthermore the medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach California has many neighborhood including medical marijuana card doctors Belmont Shore Long Beach California. Furthermore on the west side is Downtown Long Beach, medical marijuana card doctors North Long Beach , medical marijuana doctors 90805. Finally the medical marijuana card doctors Traffic Circle Long Beach California is east of our office.

In addition medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach California are south of medical marijuana card doctors Lakewood California and Norwalk. Furthermore they are southwest of medical marijuana card doctors Cerritos California. In addition Long Beach is east of medical marijuana card doctors Carson California. Furthermore  Long Beach is northwest of medical marijuana card doctors Seal Beach California, Fountain Valley, and Huntington Beach. In addition Long Beach is west of medical marijuana card doctors Los Alamitos California, Westminster, Garden Grove, Anaheim and Santa Ana. Furthermore Long Beach is southwest of medical marijuana card doctors La Habra California.

Furthermore our medical marijuana card doctors Long Beach California are located in Signal Hill. In addition Signal Hill is famous for being an oil town. Therefore many entrepreneurs came to Signal Hill to find a piece of land that they can drill to find oil. Finally signal Hill is at the highest elevation looking over Long Beach, Lakewood, medical marijuana card doctors Bellflower California and even downtown Los Angeles.

How to get a medical marijuana card

Understand Cannabis, or Medical Marijuana is a medicine that helps many patients with spasm, pain, nausea, and many mental impairments. In California Marijuana is still illegal, but it is decriminalized for use in serious medical conditions if recommended by a licensed physician.
Search for a marijuana doctor, or doctor who specializes in cannabis medicine. Make sure you are seeing a licensed medical marijuana doctor. If the Doctor loses his license or is on probation your recommendation would not be accepted. Beware the famous “bait and switch” routine of charging $25 or $20 for the evaluation to get you in the door, then charge you an additional $100 for a document. Most of these clinics look like a dispensary, are in disrepair with folding chairs, and truly aren’t doctor’s offices. Beware the skype doctors. If you get a gut feeling that the clinic is not run by a doctor, it most likely is not.

Make sure your doctor is licensed by the California Medical Board as collectives will also be checking your doctor’s license. If you get a feeling that a clinic is not run by a doctor, it most likely is not. Does your clinic have a history of being in the same place? If you do have to go to court, your doctor will need to have records of your visit sent to the court. If you have difficulty getting a hold of your doctor or records for your visit when it comes time to testify, it will make it harder to prove your legitimacy. Make sure your recommendation has a gold seal or embossed seal. Also make sure that your recommendation has a 24 hour online and phone verification. Each collective or patient group will verify your recommendation every time you visit. Make an appointment with our office by calling us at (323) 790-4983 or email. Items that will be helpful to bring include your government issued identification, a list of diagnoses from your previous doctor, any medical records you might have, your medications or a list of your medication. If you have your last doctor’s contact information please bring that as well. You will sit in our office and fill out our paperwork. By reading about medical marijuana and watching our health minute video you will be educated about the many benefits and risks associated with marijuana or cannabis treatment.

Book an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor.

From the information given by you during your consultation (previous medical history) and current physical examination the doctor will assess your current medical condition or diagnosis. When you come to us you will be evaluated for your medical problem by me the licensed doctor.

The doctor will then work with you to develop a treatment plan for your disease. If the disease can be helped with Marijuana / Cannabis, the doctor will help the patient determine if Marijuana or Cannabis can be part of your usual medical treatment plan. If the doctor and patient both agree to try Cannabis as part of their treatment plan after discussing the risks and benefits, the patient will be issued a recommendation. Anytime you receive a recommendation, make sure it includes a 24 hour verification by phone and/or website and includes an embossed seal. The doctor will provide to copies of the recommendation, one for your wallet, the other for the glove compartment or medical file.

Register your recommendation with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Growing Medical Marijuana
Furthermore many of these clinics will advertise a “cultivation license” entitling you to grow cannabis. The truth is that a standard recommendation is sufficient for growing medical marijuana. However there are instances when a patient requires more than 6 plants for their medication. A “cultivation license”, aka “growers license”, or growers permit, is really an exemption above the standard 6 mature plants stated in California Senate Bill 420. Cultivation Recommendations, Growers Licenses or Growers Recommendations are really misnomers as a standard recommendation allows a patient to grow up to 6 plants in California.
 The California Supreme Court stated that this number of 6 plants is arbitrary and a patient can grow as much cannabis as required for their condition. However, a California patient can not grow beyond the federal limit or your local city ordinances. The number 99 has been mentioned as the federal limit, but we would recommend consulting an attorney regarding your true limit. Cultivation recommendations should not be confused with “vendor licenses” or collective grower authorizations issued by a cooperative or collective. Collective grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative.
In Los Angeles California a cultivation license aka cultivation recommendation is really and exemption recommendation allowing a patient to grow over the standard 6 mature plants approved in SB 420. In Riverside these are often referred to as a growers license or growers recommendation, but these are misnomers as any patient with a recommendation can grow up to their medical requirements. In our consultation the doctor will discuss with the patient the severity of their disease, their cannabis / marijuana requirements, route of administration, quantity of medication.
In Los Angeles California and throughout California patients can grow up to their medication requirements but no more. The current federal limit is 99 plants and this is also written into some city ordinances as well. This should not be confused with collective grower authorization or “vendors license” issued by a Los Angeles medical marijuana patient group, cooperative, or collective. These grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative.
Will medical marijuana work for my condition / disease?
The research for marijuana treatment is poorly understood. We hope to have our patients come to the best decision if Marijuana and or Cannabis is right for your condition. We believe our patients are intelligent to determine if cannabis is right for them with the proper information to base this upon. To determine if Marijuana Treatment will help you, we encourage you to look at our medical marijuana research blog where we organize research by condition. Posts will include the feeds and comments by a Physician on the most relevant publications. This post is not actual medical advice.

What not to do: Leave your recommendation at home. Always keep proof of your recommendation with you at all times. California Attorney General Guidelines shift the burden of proof on you at the time of encountering a law enforcement officer to prove that you have a genuine and valid “written” recommendation. Stating that you have a marijuana recommendation at home is not enough to prevent you from being cited, arrested, and / or both. Famous last words of patients charged with marijuana offenses are, “I keep my recommendation on me at all times.” or, “I only treat myself with marijuana at home.” or, “I don’t drive so having my recommendation on me is not necessary.” Our office helps our patients by providing a durable and wallet sized recommendation. In addition you will learn from us what marijuana medication to avoid.
Medical Marijuana Renewal: A renewal is a term in the medical marijuana community that arose out of patients who follow up with their doctor about their cannabis / medical marijuana treatment after their recommendation has expired. For patients who have already consulted with a physician and have started medical marijuana treatment, we offer a reduced fee for their continued medical care. We receive many patients from Venice that had been burned with advertisements of $25 dollars, then were later informed that the cost just increased to $100 or even $200 dollars. Or other establishments advertising $15 and see a doctor over skype. We also receive many patients that see a doctor for an advertised price of $25 and are instructed that they have to buy and ID card for $20. Our prices are $40 for returning / “renewing” patients. If you are coming from another doctor, you must bring your original recommendation with you. We do have a wallet sized recommendation that is offered as a convenience for an additional $20. 
A “Renewal” for us is: A patient previously seen by OUR doctor or a patient seen by another doctor that was issued a recommendation that expired within the past month.
What we DO NOT do : Charge you for an evaluation, then charge you for a recommendation. Advertise one price, and switch to another price.