Medical Marijuana Renewal Online Los Angeles San Francisco

Considerations regarding a California Medical Marijuana Renewal in San Francisco or Los Angeles

Medical Marijuana renewal online is available for our current patients that have seen our medical marijuana doctors in the past. “Medical marijuana renewal” is a term used by cannabis patients and providers in California. For first time patients (FTP) and uninitiated medical marijuana patients, the term broadly means a medical marijuana patient returning to a licensed California physician after their recommendation for medical marijuana treatment has expired. The term originated from medical marijuana patients believing that a written recommendation for medical marijuana in California is also a license. Recommendations for medical marijuana are different from prescriptions. Prescriptions for medical marijuana are currently illegal under federal law in any state. This comes from the Drug Enforcement Agency classification of marijuana as Class 1, meaning no medical benefit.

If you’ve had a recommendation from our office or any other office in the past six months, then you qualify for a medical marijuana renewal. Our renewal process is simple, with offices conveniently located in Hollywood, Valley Village, and Signal Hill. With other Cannabis Clinics, you might find hidden fees, such as doctor consultation fees, or that their recommendation is only for six or three months. Make sure to call ahead to find out what other mandatory services you are required to have before heading into the office.

Renewing your card? * Say Cheese! *  Make sure you are ready to take a picture when you come in! After your medical marijuana renewal, we will take your picture and hand you your medical marijuana California Patient Identification Card before you go.