Medical Marijuana Recommendations

Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Hollywood Los Angeles and San Francisco California

Medical Marijuana RecommendationsBy: Medical Marijuana Card Doctor
October 29, 2015
Medical Marijuana Recommendations are a written document by a licensed California physician stating that you have a serious medical disease or condition as defined by California Prop 215. It originated from the legal language of proposition 215 stating that marijuana in California is decriminalized to posses if it is used for medical purposes with a recommendation from a physician.

Mini-Rec: If and / or  when you get your standard recommendation with your visit to the medical marijuana doctors office, you have the option of getting a durable and discrete version of your recommendation called the EZ Rec, an original wallet-sized medical marijuana recommendation designed for durability and to be folded. You won’t need to fold up your full-sized medical marijuana recommendation and it won’t get tattered and destroyed and/or lost!