medical marijuana recommendation hollywood

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Hollywood Easy Clinic

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Hollywood  90069

Medical marijuana recommendation Hollywood Easy Clinic

“Not a dispensary. Medical marijuana recommendations. Quick in and out process. Great staff will answer all your question.”

Nathan R. Los Angeles, CA 9/12/2015

“I just got my medical marijuana recommendation from the doctor at this location. He was very professional and helpful with my extreme wrist pain. This cannibus clinic is the best place to get your rec in Hollywood. Highly recommended.”

Dylan M. Los Angeles, CA 1/14/2015

“Great staff and cannabis clinics.  Great medical doctor.  Highly recommended for all medical patients in Los Angeles. Medical marijuana recommendation center not a typical weed doctor or pot doc.”

Scot R. Las Vegas, NV 3/2/2015

“Friendly and courteous staff and the doctor gave great recommendations in lieu of medical marijuana”

Daniel T. Frederick, MD 9/2/2015

“Medical marijuana card evaluation in Los  angeles done by a medical marijuana doctor. Great doctors who dont just want your money but rather, want whats best for their patients. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The medical marijuana doctor is the best in Los angeles. The medical marijuana evaluation  center is awesome. The medical marijuana card worked at all dispensaries. This was an outstanding experience”

“Really helpful place I was in and out in less then 30 min. They got me the help that I needed with no hassle I really recommend this place. ” Edgar gave us a 5 Star Yelp review!!

medical marijuana recommendation hollywood

  1. Web Hosting says:

    Talk about easy. Hollywood easy clinic is fast and easy. Great parking in Hollywood too. Thanks guys.

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