Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Hollywood Los Angeles

Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Hollywood Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

Medical Marijuana EvaluationsBy: Medical Marijuana Card Doctor
October 29, 2015

Medical marijuana evaluations are a history and physical performed by a licensed California physician for patients with a serious medical illness as defined by Prop 215. This term originated from terminology by California medical marijuana patients. A patient will see a medical marijuana doctor with the desire to see if cannabis would be safe and appropriate for them to use for their serious medical illness.

Medical marijuana evaluations is a misnomer from the physician perspective as any patient we see as a new patient deserves a history and physical to determine their diagnosis or condition and to issue a treatment plan. During the medical marijuana evaluation the physician will determine if you have a diagnosis that qualifies under current California law. He / she will also determine if there are any contraindications or any possible side effects that you can possibly experience from using medical marijuana.