Medical Marijuana Doctors Fort Lauderdale Florida

Medical Marijuana doctors Fort Lauderdale has recently become available to the residents of Florida! The Hollywood Easy Clinic is now treating medical marijuana patients across Central and Southern Florida. If you are new to the process, we are here to help! Our medical marijuana doctors and staff will assist Ft. Lauderdale patients with setting up your application to the FL Dept. Of Health and assessing your medical needs that best suit your ailment. Because of its relative newness, finding a FDOH approved and licensed medical marijuana doctor in the state of Florida may be difficult, and the application approval process will typically take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. After being approved through the Fl. Dept. of Health you will need to contact your medical marijuana doctor in Fort Lauderdale to fill out a prescription electronically, which the dispensaries will have access to in minutes. So you can be on your way to getting the help in pain management that you need, as quickly as possible! Medical marijuana prescriptions expire after 70 days. Our medical marijuana doctors are open 7 days week for Fort Lauderdale patients, and are accepting walk-in’s as well as appointments. Edibles should be available within the next year but in the meantime dispensaries are now offing medicinal marijuana in the form of: Vape inhalation, capsules, oral drops, topical creams and Nasal spray (best for patients at high risk of seizures) in a variety of flavors and strains. You can purchase in 30 day, 50 day and 70 day increments with the option to have them delivered right to your door. Our medical marijuana doctors are waiting by the phone to answer any additional questions you may have, We hope to see you soon!

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