Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic

Medical Marijuana Doctor 90046 Hollywood Easy Clinic

Medical marijuana doctor 90046 Hollywood Easy Clinic

Medical marijuana doctor 90046 is located at the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Medical weed has been invaluable to many patients in West Hollywood. Cannabis club patients living in 90028 and who wish to medicate with marijuana brownies or cook with marijuana butter are now able to ask our cannabis doctors what marijuana types they should eat.

“The medical marijuana doctor was knowledgeable about my condition and treatment. Very helpful and easy to get along with.” Bennet A. San Diego, CA 11/12/2014 Yelp

“Excellent medical marijuana doctor.  My medical marijuana card worked everywhere and the medical evaluation couldn’t be easier.  Friendly and helpful staff.” Malick G. Los Angeles, CA 12/3/2014 Yelp

“Cannabis clinics in Los Angeles are not as good as this medical marijuana doctor If you need your rec I suggest you come here and talk to the awesome staff” Rafael B. North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 1/15/2015 Yelp

Medical marijuana doctor 90046

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