About Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Medical Marijuana Card San Francisco Doctor is a native Californian with a family history of farmers from Sonoma County in Northern California. He has worked with many other doctor’s offices that specialize in medical marijuana and was dissatisfied with the level of disregard for patient well being. However, he has applied all of the best principles from each medical marijuana doctors office into his own practice with the Hollywood Easy Clinic.

Medical Marijuana CardHollywood Easy Clinic is a medical doctor’s office that is located in Los Angeles County, California specializing in medical marijuana cards, evaluations, recommendations and renewals. Hollywood Easy Clinic was founded to serve as a designated facility where California Proposition 215 medical marijuana patients could be happily provided with evaluations and recommendations, renewals, “growers licenses” and other beneficial services relating to medical cannabis. Known as the “California Compassionate Use Act,” Proposition 215 was enacted by California voters and took effect on November 6th, 1996.

In compliance with California Health & Safety Code 11362.5, Hollywood Easy Clinic has the possibility of becoming a household name for medical marijuana patients residing in California. Providing only the most essential services in alternative treatment, this Hollywood marijuana doctor features some of the industry’s most individualized services such as medical marijuana evaluations, state-recognized medical marijuana certifications and doctor-written medical marijuana recommendations. Additionally, Hollywood Easy Clinic boasts an on-hand staff that are made readily available to assist patients with the many tedious tasks required to obtain a California medical marijuana card.

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Please note “growers licenses” or “cultivation licenses” are misnomers that are perpetuated by patients and patient caregivers colloquially. We offer medical services only including evaluation and management of medical problems including discussing medical cannabis as a part of an informed patients treatment. We do not offer a license to grow marijuana for commercial purposes.