Emotional Support Animals

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We provide emotional support animal (ESA) consultations. These consultations are available in office or through telemedicine. When approved, patients are able to use the Doctor’s ESA Letters for housing and traveling purposes. For your convenience, we also provide an ESA ID Card and/or an ESA Identifying animal vest.

To start the 3-step process,

1) Pay below.

Select New or Renewing?
Enter Name, Breed, Weight

2) Choose any additional options for your emotional support animal, which include an ID card and/or vest.

Add an ID Card and/or an ESA Identifying animal vest
Select Size of Vest

3) Finally, please complete this
         –>  Intake Form<–

Once the 3-steps are done, we’ll review and verify your information, then contact you within 24-48 hours. If you have questions or need help, contact us at: [email protected] or (323) 790-4983.