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Medical Cannabis in California has gotten easier at the Hollywood Easy Clinic, Studio City Easy Clinic and San Francisco. Hollywood Easy Clinic and Medical Marijuana Card Doctor moved 3 blocks west from our old location in Hollywood to a new and improved next to Rock and Roll Ralph’s. Hollywood Easy Clinic is on the first floor. We are handicap accessible for our medical cannabis patients. We have plenty of lot parking in ours and Ralph’s adjoining parking lots and plenty of free street parking. Our medical marijuana card doctors are also available in San Francisco, and are the only cannabis doctors north of Geary street. Our medical marijuana clinic is along Polk street just one street over from 101 Van Ness Blvd.

Medical cannabis in the San Fernando Valley also has gotten easier. Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctor and the Studio City Easy Clinic in Valley Village also moved across the street to the easily accessible Starbucks shopping center. The Studio City Easy clinic is now at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Riverside Dr at 12045 Riverside Dr Los Angeles CA, 91607.  

Open since 2009, Hollywood Easy Clinic and Medical Marijuana Card Doctor specialize in medical cannabis evaluations, recommendations, renewals, cards and cultivation licenses for growing marijuana. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor and his consulting physicians continue to raise the standard of care and professionalism of medical cannabis in California. Medical Cannabis is a serious medication for patients with medical problems and deserve the utmost professional attention to their care. Each patient is seen by our medical marijuana doctor on your initial visit. Your medical cannabis doctor also provides a focused physical exam with routine health maintenance. Your individualized consultation in completed with a treatment plan that may include a medical cannabis recommendation and medical cannabis card.

Before you try to get your medical marijuana certification online, consider whether your online service will be able to help you if you have a problem with your medical cannabis causing side effects, if you are having difficulty certifying in the medical marijuana identification program, or have law difficulties where you need a request for medical records.

If you are currently waiting over an hour at another doctors office that looks like the DMV, call and ask our cannabis clinic staff how easy it is to get a medical cannabis card at one of our clinics. Imagine having a genuine relationship with your physician where your doctor remembers your medical problems, your concerns, and helps you find the right treatment to find you relief for your condition. You will leave our clinic knowing the type of medication that will most likely work well for you, how often to take the medication, and what medication that will cause side effects and to stay away from. You will also know what dispensaries to avoid. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor educates medical cannabis patients in his continuing blog about growing marijuana, medical marijuana cards, prop 215 permits, licenses, recommendations and renewals. These articles are considered the California authority on medical cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor and his consulting marijuana physicians such as Growing Medical Marijuana Doctor also work at the Studio City Easy Clinic. Studio City Easy Clinic, open since 2011, serves the patients of Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Reseda. Our medical cannabis doctors teach our patients about the benefits of organic food, exercise and natural medicine as a complement to current medical care. We often have medical cannabis patients traveling from as far north as Fresno, Bakersfield, Palmdale, Lancaster to determine if medical cannabis would help them. Medical cannabis patients as far west as Ventura County, Santa Barbara and Pismo Beach come to see if cannabis would be a safe part of their treatment plan. We also have have multiple medical cannabis patients coming to see us from Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego.

Professionalism above all other medical cannabis doctors offices is what sets us above everyone in California. Each medical marijuana doctor performs a full history and physical for every patient. After you and your physician have discussed your diagnosis, your physician will provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your complaints including the type of cannabis strain, the method of intake, the dosage, and dispensaries to avoid. You will leave with an relaxed, healing, experience at the Hollywood Easy Clinic. 

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor Privacy Policy: Your privacy is our priority number one! We understand that you want to keep your medical cannabis use private. No one can access your information without your consent. Your medical information is safe in our private and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)  compliant medical record. No employer, no government entity and no law enforcement agency can access your personal information or your status as our patient. Any requests for information including medical records must be done by you only and signed by you. We verify each signature and your identity prior to releasing any information. If you would like to learn more about your privacy under federal law including enforcement of privacy protections please visit the Department of Health and Human Services.

Growing marijuana in Los Angeles? Before you decide to grow marijuana, you have to meet certain requirements for it to be decriminalized under California law. You must be diagnosed with a serious medical condition, you must go over the risks and benefits of cannabis to determine if it would be more likely safe than harmful for you, a licensed physician must agree with you and recommend medical marijuana as safe and appropriate for you.

Assuming that you have been treating your condition with medical marijuana and know the best strain for your medical condition it is now time to get prepared to grow. The best resource for growing was published by Jorge Cervantes called the Marijuana Growers Bible. Many resources state that using fiber pots to grow your seedlings or clones allows for better aeration and minimizes the chance of over-watering your cannabis.

A word of caution, growing over 6 mature plants places yourself at a serious risk local risk and growing above the federal limit not only puts you at local risk, but federal risk as well. No matter how much you require for your medical condition, going over the federal limit in plants makes the burden of proof or proving medical purposes significantly harder for you and your physician.Medical Cannabis


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Medical Cannabis FAQs

Where are you located?

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic – 8490 Santa Monica Blvd Unit 2 Los Angeles, CA 90069

Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctor of Studio City Easy Clinic – 12045 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91607

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors San Francisco – 1111 Post St San Francisco, CA 94109

How do I make an appointment?

What are your hours?

(We accept our last patient 15 minutes before closing time)

Hollywood – Everyday — 11am-7pm

Studio City / Valley Village – Everyday — 10am-7pm

Long Beach / Signal Hill – Monday-Friday — 11am-4pm

San Francisco – Monday-Saturday — 11-7pm

I don’t have a California Drivers License or ID. Can I see the doctor?

Yes, you can. Though we cannot offer legal advice, our doctor has verified with a prominent attorney in medical marijuana that you can see our doctor and be legally protected no matter if you have an out-of-state drivers license, a US passport, or any country’s passport. Since you don’t have a California ID, our doctor provides you with a California medical marijuana patient ID card.

Is there a list or database that my employer or the government can check to see I have a card?

Our patient medical records are privately stored with a professional document security system that keeps all files under lock and key. Your medical record privacy is also protected by law.

Can someone request to see my records (like my boss) without me knowing? 

No. Each patient is contacted about requests for their records if no prior consent has been signed.

I’m a new patient. What do I need to bring?

Bring your government identification. If you have a medical problem that has not been diagnosed or treated by a health professional, that is all you need to bring. If you have seen a doctor in the past for the medical condition, please bring the contact information of the clinic, medical group, or hospital and/or any recent medical documentation verifying your diagnosis.

How do I get a medical marijuana card?

$55 is the cost for a medical marijuana evaluation. This evaluation includes a written medical cannabis recommendation if you qualify. You can use this recommendation alone to get access to a cannabis club. However, a medical marijuana card is available through our clinic for $20. Only after you have a valid and verified medical cannabis recommendation can you obtain a California State Verified medical marijuana identification card administered by your local county Department of Public Health.

What if I lost my recommendation?

Replacement recommendations are $30. Just come in with your ID and we’ll reprint your recommendation along with a bonus wallet-sized recommendation. Two for one. You’ll be less likely to lose both of them until you renew.

How soon can I use my recommendation?

Your recommendation is active and ready to use as soon as you finish your appointment.

Do you offer cultivation recommendations so I can grow more plants for personal use?

Yes we do.

How many plants can I grow with a cultivation recommendation?

It depends on how many plants you need to treat your condition.  The max amount allowed is 99 plants.  Regular recommendations allow you to grow up to 6 plants.


Hollywood Easy Clinic, in compliance with California Health & Safety Code 11362.5, was designed by Medical Marijuana Card Doctor. Under California Proposition 215, mission of the Hollywood Easy Clinic is to serve and teach medical cannabis patients. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor specializes in medical cannabis evaluations, recommendations, renewals and growers licenses.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor often writes on many topics surrounding medical cannabis such as the history of marijuana, facts about marijuana, the types of marijuana, the different medical marijuana strains, the care of marijuana plants, marijuana brownies, marijuana butter, and the long term effects of marijuana. As an objective advocate for medical cannabis, Medical Marijuana Card Doctor assists each patient to weigh the pros and cons of marijuana, to understand the different cannabis strains, and how to get a medical cannabis card. California marijuana patients of Medical Marijuana Card Doctor at the Hollywood Easy Clinic are the best advocates for how to get a medical marijuana card.

Cannabis in Hollywood Los Angeles has its biggest advocate with Medical Marijuana Card Doctor of the Hollywood Easy Clinic. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor besides servicing his patients through medical cannabis evaluations, renewals, recommendations and medical marijuana cards, also is the California expert on growing marijuana. He assists any medical cannabis patient who requests an exemption to help them calculate their medical marijuana requirements. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor comes from a California agricultural family in Sonoma County and understands the difficulty of growing marijuana and cultivation.

Often referred to as Medical Marihuana by our Spanish speaking patients, marijuana legalization has led to the creation of a medical discipline that is largely patient driven. Known as the “California Compassionate Use Act,” Proposition 215 was enacted by California voters and took effect on November 6th, 1996. The idea was to have patients help other patients heal by forming collectives to assist each other. Marijuana Dispensaries are formed by these collectives or groups of medical marijuana patients. The sickest patients are now assisted with web and mobile based applications such as weed maps where they can find their different weed strains. Medical cannabis in California has given power back to the patient and made medical marijuana doctors objective observers to assist patients in managing the benefits of marijuana with the side effects of marijuana.

Medical marijuana card requirements have become better defined since the legalization of medical marijuana.